Healthy Pruning

Tree pruning is essential to overall tree care and can help eliminate the possibility of damaged trees that lean unnecessarily in the future.

Trimming your trees will also help keep them healthy and vibrant for years to come. Some reasons people acquire a tree service to prune their plants and trees is to ensure the proper process is done for increasing airflow, maintaining disease-free plants, stimulating fruit production and providing general overall health of the plants.  Did you know that some appraisers estimate that properly maintained trees increases property value as much as 20%?!

Do you have fruit-bearing trees or hardwoods such as oak, pine, water birch, sycamore and cypress? Although most trees can be pruned any time of year, the very best time usually depends on your tree. Of course, dead branches can be removed at any time, however other pruning is best started in the late fall or winter for trees that go dormant, as pruning trees during this period minimizes stress to the tree and sap loss. The risk of fungus and insect infection is also minimized when you follow trees’ natural cycles of growth and dormancy as both the fungi and insects are most likely to be dormant when trees ‘close up shop’ for the winter. We at R&K Tree Service can talk with you at your convenience about the best time to prune your trees.

Contact R&K Trees for a free consultation and estimate.  Our trained arborists will make a complete assessment and offer suggestions to ensure the growth and health or your plants.

Tree trimming/pruning is especially important in the early stages of a tree’s life. Usually a tree’s branches have normal distribution. However, there are times when branches may grow unevenly. Some branches may need to be removed to give the tree a more balanced look and promote healthier growth. There are several reasons why you may need branches removed:

  • • Branches may be rubbing together, stunting growth
  • • They may interfere with gutters, chimneys, windows or wires
  • • Low-hanging branches may obstruct sidewalks and streets
  • • Certain branches may be decaying or infected with disease or insects
  • • Dead or dying branches can pose a safety hazard
  • • Storms may cause branch damage

Some of the most common tree-pruning techniques used today are crown-reduction pruning; crown raising; and crown thinning on larger, more mature trees in order for them to continue to grow symmetrically.

Another technique is called deadwooding, which is the removal of dying, broken or dead branches. Deadwooding is one of the most common services we perform. If branches and limbs are not trimmed and cut correctly, trees could form rot holes where a branch may have been removed incorrectly. Decay can travel down throughout the trunk of the tree which can compromise structural integrity, making the tree unsafe and necessitating its removal.

Do you have a large tree with a huge limb that overhangs your home? If so, you may need tree pruning that involves “end-weight reduction.” End-weight reduction occurs when we cut branches that are too large or too dangerous, and then even out the remaining tree limbs to balance the tree’s weight and limb distribution.

So how does R&K Tree Service approach pruning? We make strategic cuts in the tree (preferable while it is still young to guide its growth patterns). Light pruning can be done as often as a couple of times per year so that your tree maintains good health and develops through to maturity. Sometimes heavier limbs can tear the bark below the limb away from the tree when the limb is cut, creating a wound that can easily be penetrated by fungus and pests. To minimize this risk, R & K Tree Service makes undercuts on the limb first, so that as little of the bark as possible is torn away from the tree trunk.

We at R&K Tree Service recommend that you trim your trees at least once per year for a variety of reasons:

  • • Tree overgrowth at an excessive rate can create safety hazards
  • • Pruning helps maintain tree health and promotes growth to maturity
  • • You’ll optimize the sunlight shining on your pool, lawn and other parts of your property
  • • Overhanging branches often drop sticky and corrosive sap on your driveway or car, which is an inconvenience at best
  • • It’s an effective way to prepare for storms and minimize damage
  • • Maintained trees support property aesthetics
  • • You’ll protect your power lines, especially during storms


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Please keep in mind that tree trimming can be dangerous. If you decide to do it yourself, the job may turn into a bigger project than you expected. When untrained individuals attempt to trim or prune a tree, many unforeseen obstacles may occur, jeopardizing the health of the tree and the safety of the person. Tree trimming should be performed by qualified professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right the first time.

One of the best ways to protect your property is to have an arborist or tree expert identify trees which may have weak or compromised branches. R&K tree specialists have the knowledge, skill and proficiency to trim dangerous branches, eliminating possible safety hazards near your home and on your property.

Call (757) 333-1359 to learn more how R&K tree specialists can help your trees!  R&K Tree Service is based in Newport News. We service the Seven Cities and beyond: Yorktown, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Gloucester, Poquoson, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmith, Smithfield, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.