Consulting Services

Many times, homeowners and property owners decide to plant new trees or shrubbery to make a property more attractive or to add shade.  Some times, after a severe storm, homehowners may need immediate assistance to repair or remove storm damaged trees. 

If you’re thinking about purchasing some new trees, or adding plants and shrubs to your yard, give R&K Tree Service a call before you plant and let us perform a site survey for you.  R&K Tree Service is based in Newport News. We service the Seven Cities and beyond: Yorktown, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Gloucester, Poquoson, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmith, Smithfield, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

We can help you determine what type of tree to plant to reach your goals—whether it is a fruit bearing tree, or a shade tree for yard beautification, and so on. Trees have vastly different rates of growth, canopy sizes, root spread and depth, etc., so correct placement is critical. We can help you consider tree placement to ensure the tree won’t interfere with power lines, underground utilities or above ground sidewalks or driveways as it grows. Failure to plan for growth when planting new trees can prove disastrous later. So turn to R&K Tree Service! Hiring one of our arborists before starting a tree-planting project can prevent future headaches and stress. Call (757) 333-1359 for a free estimate, and let us be part of your new landscaping venture! We would love to ensure the growth of your plants and trees and safety of your home and property!