Healthy Pruning

Tree pruning is essential to overall tree care and can help eliminate the possibility of damaged trees that lean unnecessarily in the future.

Trimming your trees will also help keep them healthy and vibrant for years to come. Some reasons people acquire a tree service to prune their plants and trees is to ensure the proper process is done for increasing airflow, maintaining disease-free plants, stimulating fruit production and providing general overall health of the plants.  Did you know that some appraisers estimate that properly maintained trees increases property value as much as 20%?!

Do you have fruit-bearing trees or hardwoods such as oak, pine, water birch, sycamore and cypress? Although most trees can be pruned any time of year, the very best time usually depends on your tree. Of course, dead branches can be removed at any time, however other pruning is best started in the late fall or winter for trees that go dormant, as pruning trees during this period minimizes stress to the tree and sap loss. The risk of fungus and insect infection is also minimized when you follow trees’ natural cycles of growth and dormancy as both the fungi and insects are most likely to be dormant when trees ‘close up shop’ for the winter. We at R&K Tree Service can talk with you at your convenience about the best time to prune your trees.

Contact R&K Trees for a free consultation and estimate.  Our trained arborists will make a complete assessment and offer suggestions to ensure the growth and health or your plants.