Pruning Techniques That Should be Avoided

Topping and tipping trees are two common—but undesirable—methods of pruning trees.

Utility company contractors are the worst about using these techniques because their priority is to maintain the “right of way,” even though the results can be ugly. Tree topping and tipping can lead to disease and may put your trees into shock.

Tree tipping is pruning by removing the ends of the limbs that extend outwards. Obviously, this affects the branching structure of the tree. In tree topping, the tree is cut about three quarters from the top. In both scenarios, sprouting and excessive budding may grow out of the new tree cuts. This growth can be unsightly. In addition, these kinds of cuts create “open wounds” that cause the branch to decay from the end and work its way back toward the trunk of the tree. At the same time, the tree continues to grow and the homeowners are faced with having their tree topped every few years! Not good!

If you have a beautiful tree that’s starting to impose on your power lines, call R&K Tree Service! We can take appropriate steps to protect your tree—and your lines—before your utility company takes matters into their own hands with these dangerous shortcuts.  Contact us for a site survey and a free estimate!  R&K Tree Service is based in Newport News. We service the Seven Cities and beyond: Yorktown, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Gloucester, Poquoson, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmith, Smithfield, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.