Tree Removal

Do you need more sunlight on your property to promote a healthier lawn? Do you have a tree that was damaged in a storm and needs to be cut down?

Do you want to replace a tree to better suit your space or remove a diseased tree before your other trees are affected? Call R&K Tree Services!  R&K Tree Service is based in Newport News. We service the Seven Cities and beyond: Yorktown, Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg, Gloucester, Poquoson, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmith, Smithfield, Norfolk and Virginia Beach.

We can help you assess if one or more of your trees:

  • • Poses a safety hazard
  • • Is dying or dead
  • • Needs to be removed to accommodate new construction in the area
  • • Is creating an obstruction on the property
  • • May cause harm to other trees due to crowding


Ease your concerns regarding your trees. If our free assessment uncovers a tree that needs to be removed, our arborists are skilled to safely and efficiently handle almost any tree removal project. Contact R&K Tree Service at (757) 333-1359 to find out how our arborists can help you!